Annual Report 2014


I know exactly what I want to achieve !

This year you are starting your 4th WTCC season with MOL Group’s support. How do you feel about the partnership and how does it benefit you?

It's been a long tradition that MOL Group is supporting outstanding talents both in the energy industry and in sport and I can really relate to that. In my opinion, in both fields, - to be successful-, you have to perform at maximum level. This striving for excellence is the basis of my enthusiasm for motorsport, and this may have been the motivation for MOL as well, to support technical sports. Especially, that the company has close ties to motorsport, as Panta Distribuzione S.p.A., a MOL Group member company is the official fuel supplier for WTCC. My field requires huge stamina, dedication and effort, qualities that are of the highest esteem both in business and sport.

Your passion for speed and performance is key in your carrier. Where does it come from and how does it inspire you for further success?

I followed an unusual track to enter motorsports. Before starting my real racing career, I had been training myself through computer simulation games. My uncle was passionate about rallying, he built my first racing car – I wasn’t even 7 at the time! That’s how I got poised by motorsport and since then, it has been impossible to get me out from behind the wheel. I always had the ambition to compete on an international field and I am delighted that MOL Group shares this ambition, one of the most important elements of this ideal partnership.

How does MOL Group’s support enable you to aspire for more?

I constantly challenge myself and my competitors through courage, discipline and ambition and these values are closely in line with MOL Group’s corporate philosophy. Achieving my life’s dream in partnership with a company that shares the same values of excellence that I do, is always uplifting. With MOL Group’s generous support, I was able to achieve the most significant victory in the history of Hungarian motor racing.

What are your thoughts about the season ahead of us?

That is a very valid question, because last year was a special year for me and I continue to strive for my life-long ambition “to be the best” in 2015 too. This time, I really want to excel and I know exactly what I want to achieve!


Born: 08/08/1984
Nationality: Hungarian
Current competition: World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
Wins: 3
Poles: 2
Best final place: 4th (2014)

Carrier’s highlights:

  • Hungarian Suzuki Swift Cup champion (2006)
  • Hungarian Renault Clio Cup champion (2007)
  • Hungarian SEAT León Cup champion (2009)
  • SEAT León Eurocup champion (2009)
  • WTCC Rookie Challenge champion (2010)
  • WTCC Yokohama Drivers’ Trophy champion (2012)
  • WTCC (2014)
  • Hungarian State Cross of Merit (2014)