Annual Report 2014


7. About the Sustainability Reporting


In 2008, as a demonstration of MOL Group’s resolve to integrate a sustainability approach into everyday business operations, management decided to merge our Annual and Sustainable Development Reports and move towards an “integrated” reporting approach. Consequently, the company now follows the Triple Bottom Line approach and presents the economic, social and environmental performance of MOL Group in one comprehensive report. From H1 2013 MOL Group also decided to integrate sustainability information into our quarterly management reports.

The sustainability section section of the Annual Report contains information about the key achievements, challenges and data from the given year concerning the most relevant sustainability topics for MOL. In addition to this report, one can find a general presentation of MOL ’s policies, management approaches and other regularly-maintained and updated SD-related information on our website: ‘http://’. While the audience of the Annual Report is presumed to be our shareholders, investors and sustainability analysts, our webpage is tailored to supplying the information needs of all of our stakeholders.

The sustainability performance data contained within this report were reviewed by Ernst and Young. The assurance process was planned and performed in accordance with the International Federation of Accountants’ ISAE3000 standard. For the first time, the audit was also carried out according to AA1000AS standards to strengthen the review of our materiality process.

MOL Group follows the widely-recognised Global Reporting Initiative framework in its sustainability reporting. GRI published the last iteration of its guidelines in 2013. MOL Group has prepared its integrated Annual Report’s sustainability content in line with GRI G4 guidelines for the first time this year. The report also takes note of the GRI G4 Oil and Gas Sector Disclosures.

MOL Group’s 2014 Annual Report’s GRI G4 in accordance level is ‘comprehensive’.

The IPIEC A-API ‘Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting’ protocol is also considered when MOL selects and defines its indicators and the content of the report.

The GRI compliance table for MOL Group and a detailed analysis of our compliance with IPIEC A and UN Global Principles can be found at this section of our website.